Privacy Policy for Apple App Store

Anomaly Software publishes several applications on the Apple App Store. We take the stance of producing great software products and charging a fair fee for it where we see fit. We take the users privacy extremely seriously.

Data Exchange and Privacy

If our apps require to access information across the Internet, we ensure that it’s always done so over a secure channel. This ensures that our app can validate the source of the information.

All sensitive data is encrypted on the device using iOS and macOS provided technologies like the Keychain. Our apps make use of iCloud to exchange data between your devices and this data is kept private using your iCloud account.

All apps that exchange information with a backend developed by Anomaly, we forward declare technologies and location of the stored information.

Third Party Data

In cases where our apps access third party services we assure you of the fair use of data. Any downloaded data lives locally on your device and in cases where we synchronise the information across devices a copy lives on iCloud servers in a way that it’s only accessible to devices that you have signed in with your Apple ID.

Suitable for Kids Apps

Our apps completely comply with all standards required by Apple. Apps aimed towards kids do not contain any advertising, in app purchases or links to external services.