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Prestans, a WSGI-compliant REST framework

Prestans is a Python REST micro-framework built right on top of WSGI, aiding developers to swiftly create robust and secure server endpoints. It is our best work that you will never see.

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Secure session middleware for WSGI applications, including Google's AppEngine standard environment.

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Application configuration management for the DevOps world.

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Jekyll/Liquid wrapper around the Faker gem, allowing you work with real-ish content in your prototypes.

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A modern, simple, and to the point take on LiveReload for Jekyll, no adding of scripts. Just reload.

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Jekyll Incremental is a more simple, and to the point version of incremental generation for Jekyll.

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We also financially support to some of our favourite projects. SQLAlchemy and mod_wsgi form the backbone of a lot of our work and so, credit where credit is due.

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