GPA Connect - Purpose-Built Accreditation for the Australian Healthcare Sector

A purpose-built accreditation platform for the Australian Healthcare Sector.

Royal Australia College of General Practitioners (RACGP) recommend achieving independent accreditation against their standards to demonstrate that a general practice is serious about providing high quality, safe and effective care.

GPA Accreditation plus is one of two accreditation agencies that provide independent accreditation to general practices.

GPA Accreditation plus set out to build an unparalleled, purpose-built, all encompassing general practice accreditation and business management platform as the embodiment of their belief of accreditation being an achievement, not a test. GPA Connect is a complete paradigm shift in the Australian healthcare accreditation sector.

Connect is used by GPA’s customers Australia-wide. It’s designed to scale using Anomaly’s signature technology stack, residing on Amazon AWS.

Perpetually Present

GPA’s vision comprised of consolidating all of their corporate intellect into a single perpetually present platform that services all of their stakeholders. Connect goes beyond the call of duty and adds value past the accreditation lifecycle.

By aligning everything with the RACGP standards, the platform incrementally builds a central dependable repository of evidence, activity, and communication for each practice.

Connect is a time capsule for future rounds of accreditation. It brings forward a practice’s entire intellectual wealth collected during the previous round of accreditation to dramatically ease successive rounds.

Vantage Points

We carefully dissected the workflow of each stakeholder and built lifecycle-influenced interfaces to provide a horizontal or vertical view of the accreditation data:

Connect makes GPA the provider of choice for surveyors. Negotiate and manage survey visit offers, use it as an observation recorder during visits, submit reports back to GPA and even lodge invoices. Since Connect is perpetually present, it negates any need for keeping historical records. Everything will be waiting here whenever needed.

Coherent Communication

Connect features context-sensitive communication tools across the platform, enabling internal and cross-stakeholder communication. They compliment all interfaces and portions of the accreditation lifecycle. Leave notes for yourself and your team or ask GPA for help.

The platform makes a historical note of all significant actions, providing clear knowledge of how conclusion were reached during the accreditation lifecycle.

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