The CSS Workshop

, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Anomaly is small close knit team of designers and developers. We’ve always approached solving problems by gaining deep understanding of the technologies we work with. We leverage platforms like Amazon AWS to deliver what we build and hone in on what we are good at, building software.

Users experience these complex systems through interfaces and a large portion of them are now delivered via web browsers. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have a come a very long way since their introduction in 1996 and had been a mysterious subject for a long time. It appears illogical and, that is purely from misunderstanding how it behaves.

Lately I have taken design completely under my wing and applying my computer science approach it was imperative that I understood CSS before I assessed the work of designers. Using CSS frameworks to me has always resonated of not wanting to understand how browsers behave.

Having hunted through many a resources on the web I found Rachel Andrew’s The CSS Workshop. Amongst a vast body of work, Rachel maintains a number of great resources, Grid By Example is one of them, pushing the adoption of CSS Grid.

Concise videos with nicely written tutorials allowed me to understand CSS layout within a week. The courses focuses on the fundamental question of how browsers interpret CSS. I am a big fan of clean markup and building on what a browser can do, not fighting it.

I highly recommend The CSS Workshop to anyone who is wanting to understand CSS.

And to Rachel, thank you for writing the workshop and making it available.

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