Tesla destination charging; a paradigm shift for tourism

, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Tesla’s Supercharger network is slowly taking hold in Australia as is destination charging. I recently took my Model S on its first long haul trip outside the reach of the Supercharger network.

Late last year we’d booked to stay at the historic Hyatt Hotel Canberra. I called the hotel to ask if it would be acceptable to charge my car while we stayed. They took me by surprise, informing me of their officially available wall chargers for guests. We completed our six hundred kilometre zero-emission round trip powered completely by the charger at home and at Hotel Canberra.

The proliferation of charging destinations stands to create the largest electric vehicle charging micro-network and a paradigm shift for tourism. Directly aiding zero-emission travel adds to the destination’s lure.

Tesla released all their patents to accelerate the adoption of electric transport. It’s not hard envisage a future where charging your electric vehicle is as acceptable as charging your mobile phone during your stay or visit. Tesla pushes location information of officially approved destinations to the navigation system of every vehicle on the road making it an invaluable endorsement for these businesses.

Airbnb changed the way travelers find rent lodging. Late last year they announced a partnership with Tesla Motors enabling Airbnb hosts to install connectors at their listings, opening their doors to new travelers and experiences. Early this year Thirsty Crow, a microbrewery, become the first destination charging point in Wagga. There are already others around Albury with the numbers growing all around the country. This electric micro-revolution stands to have a profound effect on this rapidly shifting stage.

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