SQLAlchemy and Alembic, the database Swiss army knife for Python

, a 1-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Relational Database (e.g MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite) interfaces stem from Structured Query Language (SQL) but it’s use and implementation vary vastly between products. This poses several design, security and maintenance challenges for application designers.

Python is a world full of powerful micro-frameworks and Mike Bayer maintains two brilliant projects that make working with relational backends a walk in the park.

SQLAlchemy is a Database Toolkit for Python that exposes an engine and dialect core built on top of Python’s Database API and an Object Relational Mapping layer.

Alembic compliments SQLAlchemy by providing a suite of migration tools for relational databases.

These tools form the core of many projects at Anomaly. I highly recommend watching Mike Bayer’s Introduction to SQLAlchemy delivered at Pycon 2013 to get started.

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