Ready, Set, Play! Meet the Monstapals

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Announcing Monstapals

Today we are very excited to announce our first digital entertainment product. Monstapals, a game aimed at kids (and the young at heart) and recommended for ages 4 and up. It’s been in development for nearly twelve months and now available for both iOS and Android. This release officially marks Anomaly’s entry into the gaming and digital entertainment markets.

It features Australian animals in their natural habitat which you can gather with your spaceship in order to create unique and interesting new creatures known as Monstapals.

There are 45 different Monstapals to create with each having its own distinct look and sound so make sure you find them all. Once the Monstapals have been unleashed in their new home you can learn fun facts about each of your creations.

Monstapals features:

Made with ❤️ in Wagga

We’re very proud of the fact that we produced the title entirely in Wagga.

Anomaly would like to thank Alice Peacock a Wagga based animator who brought Monstapals to life. (there is a lot, trust me a lot of artwork) and Damian Candusso for his input with sound effects. I recommend you check out their portfolios.

My personal thanks for Bradley Mclain, technology lead at Anomaly for his effort in expanding Anomaly’s capacity and delivering our first digital entertainment product. My thanks also goes to the rest of the Anomaly team for providing feedback, conducting play tests and pushing to take an idea and turn it into a product.

During it’s development we involved kids at Wagga Wagga Public School to help play test Monstapals. The kids were surprised when they realised that they were actually talking to designers of the game. This has sparked our interest in putting together a showcase to encourage kids to pursue careers in the digital entertainment and software industries.


Building Monstapals has allowed our team to develop significant capability in creating games with Unity. We are currently in the process of expanding service offerings around building 2D, 3D, VR and AR applications.

We hope that you will download a copy of Monstapals on the platform of your choice. At Anomaly, we’re making digital entertainment an official part of our business and are already working on several updates to Monstapals and future titles.

We would love to speak to anyone out there looking for a partner to build applications in this space. Drop in and say hello!

Other than that we hope you enjoy playing Monstapals. 😃

Get it on Google Play

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