Playing for Good

, a 4-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Late last year we announced our foray into the gaming space with our first title Monstapals.

Aimed at preschoolers, Monstapals is designed to educate the player about Australian animals and permutations. A little bit of quirky fun, it puts a smile on the user’s face as they combine various Australian animals to create creatures called Monstapals.

We have received some amazing feedback from users all around the world, many of whom have taken the time to write wonderful reviews on the store. Our intention has always been to extend the concept to other parts of the world and create similar engaging experiences for animals from Africa, Americas, Asia, etc. as well bring the titles to tvOS, watchOS and iMessage.

Over the past six months we have been thinking hard about how Monstapals can further reach children other than just being available on the various digital stores.

Today we are proud to announce our Playing for Good initiative. Starting with Monstapals, all of our apps aimed towards children will have a major focus on charitable outcomes. The charities we will partner with will work closely with children in care, education and medicine.

We are making a long term commitment towards our charitable efforts. Whilst we are working on the finer details of official partnerships, we couldn’t wait to share how Playing for Good works.

Free for On Ground Use

Firstly we will commit to providing unlimited copies of our apps to our partner organisations for use in their physical facilities or officials in the field. These would be places such as hospitals, care centres and educational institutions.

Our intention is to provide quality content that is verified as suitable for children. The content is both educational and entertaining for the children. We will commit to creating these quality titles to assist the people doing such incredible work with children.

20% of Proceeds goes to Charity

Next we will donate 20% of the proceeds (not profits) from all digital store sales to charities nominated by us that have the most impact on the lives of children.

This will apply to all titles present and future that we publish on the various stores.

We are working towards official partnerships with organisations that have high impact. As these details become clearer we will announce them on our official channels. We also encourage our customers to make suggestions on who you would like us to work with.

Transparency and Accountability

All of our financials will be validated by an independent licensed financial professional. We will publish our earnings and proof of our donations to the charities every quarter.

It’s only fair that if we are asking for your help that you have the information to be reassured that your purchase is making a difference.

An Endless Cycle

So what happens with the rest of our earnings? Well, we will reinvest it into building more titles for children which in turn will become part of the charitable cycle.

As we grow the ecosystem of our apps we intend to increase our in kind and monetary contributions to charitable organisations.

Along the way we want to encourage other companies working in this space to help organisations by providing high impact and much needed services. To everyone who bought our products, a big thank you for helping us help them. And to everyone else out there buy a copy, spread the word and let’s help these organisations to continue to do their good work.

If you haven’t already please buy a copy of Monstapals and let’s get the ball rolling. We’d also appreciate everyone’s assistance in spreading the word so we can all get #PlayingForGood

Announcing Monstapals

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