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, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

We launched our Jekyll-powered website in January, 2015 and have incrementally built it up over time. Chris Sealey, our lead designer, advocates the use software development principles for maintaining websites (version control, milestones, semantic versioning etc.) and this approach has worked incredibly well for us.

For a team of under ten people, we produce a lot of work. Aside from servicing rather high-profile projects for our clients, we are working on launching a productivity platform as well as maintaining our open source efforts.

This is partly made possible by depending on vertically-integrated services like Google Cloud Services to run email, GitHub for source code hosting and developer collaboration, and building applications upon platforms like Amazon’s AWS.

For years we’ve managed Linux virtual machines running Apache to serve our website. We’ve always been good Internet citizens and kept up with best practices like Always-On SSL. Following on from Chris’ ideas, I had been investigating continuous deployment and was keen to use a content distribution network to enhance performance and as an SSL termination point.

Our website is now deployed to Netlify, who offer premium static website hosting for blog-aware websites, covering all grounds and are a very approachable team. It’s the latest in our move towards playing to our strengths and concentrating on doing what we do best; building great software.

The move has already enhanced the performance of our website and simplified deployment. Netlify stands to bridge the gap for static websites by providing features like scheduled deployment and secure form handling. We’re very pleased with our move and can’t wait to see what’s in the works at Netlify.

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