Networking with Ubiquiti

, a 1-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Over the past few weeks we have been commissioning Ubiquiti’s networking gear here at Anomaly. I began exploring the Ubiquiti gear after reading Troy Hunt’s blog post on fixing his dodgy WiFi. Ubiquiti has a massive array of products and it’s every bit as cool as described in Troy’s article.

We started by deploying a UniFi Power over Ethernet switch, with UniFi AC PRO Access Points and swiftly moved onto replacing our router with a UniFi Security Gateway Pro. Deployment is super simple thanks to their network management software.

Unlike their competitors Ubiquiti offer a hybrid cloud management solution via the UniFi Cloud Key which does not come with an ongoing licensing price tag. All of this is complimented by apps on mobile platforms.

We’ve happily been running our network on their gear and highly recommend considering their products for work or home networking needs.

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