Joining forces with Stripe as an official Services Partner

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Stripe is an industry leader in payments. From simple payments, through to managed subscriptions Stripe boasts a developer centric approach towards a payments platform that you can virtually build any eCommerce business on.

Last year we released Wattle, a cloud platform for the public sector focused on bringing customer service online. The platform was built upon Stripe Connect allowing providing a seamless payment experience to our customers. Wattle went on to becoming a Stripe verified partner giving the customers the confidence they needed when it came to accepting payments online.

The team at Anomaly has worked with Stripe’s products for a number of years and recommends them to all their customers.

Today we are proud to announce that Anomaly has officially become a Stripe services partner and is one of handful of software development agencies to join forces with Stripe while the program is still in beta.

While the Web is a staple part of what we do, Anomaly prides itself in being a software engineering company. Our team deeply understands the technologies and platforms we work with and build the best possible products for our customers. We believe that this unique edge will allow us to leverage our partnership with Stripe to build and support platforms that our customers can grow their businesses on.

Stripe’s mission is to grow the internet economy together and we are proud to officially be part of the mission.

Visit our listing on Stripe’s website and reach out to us and start a conversation about building your next digital platform.

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