Help me expand Tesla destination charging in Wagga

, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

I’ve been a Tesla Model S owner for nearly three years now and have enjoyed travelling all around the country thanks to destination chargers. Many months ago I expressed my views on how Tesla’s destination charging programme was a paradigm shift for the tourism industry. The model is pretty simple a destination (e.g motel, hotel, restaurant) installs a Tesla connector and allows patrons to use it at no cost. Tesla in return push your business location to all car owners and advertise your location on their web site.

It’s the modern day equivalent of watering the horse.

Wagga does have a couple of destination charging locations, Thirsty Crow Brewery and and the Valley parking service at the airport.

I happen to have a spare Tesla connector and since August have been trying to give it away so another destination in Wagga can join the list.

On offer a free Tesla connector to a hospitality business in #Wagga that has the foresight to becoming a @TeslaMotors charging destination.

— Dev Mukherjee (@mdevraj) August 2, 2017

I’ve had no success so far. I’ve tried to get the attention of local motels and no one, not even the tourist information centre is willing to install it and expand Wagga’s destination charging options.

Destination charging literally is an excuse for us to head places, we often head to Albury for no good reason but the fact that it’s an electric road trip and stay and charge at Atura (despite there being a supercharger in Wodonga).

As electric cars (not just Tesla vehicles) become prominent I urge the tourism industry in Wagga to adapt to the paradigm. Tesla offers these connectors to any business and mine is available free of charge to any business in Wagga that’s willing to assist expand the electric car revolution.

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