GPA Connect; A landmark in Australian healthcare accreditation

, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

For numerous months we’ve been working closely with GPA Accreditation plus in building what will arguably be one of the most monumental shifts in their business model. GPA is one of two providers of general practice accreditation in Australia.

GPA is built on their tireless effort at customer service. GPA Connect is its digital extension. Connect is an unparalleled, purpose-built, all encompassing general practice accreditation and business management platform.

Built completely from the ground up using our signature technology stack, it provides every stakeholder of the accreditation process a bespoke interface to streamline their workflow. It encapsulates GPA’s service offering based around the RACGP Standards for general practices providing their customers a guided, enriching user experience of the accreditation life cycle.

To GPA staff it’s their workhorse, empowering them to plan, organise, communicate and collaborate on generating the required documents. To their customers and stakeholders, it’s going to be the de facto method of interacting with the business.

Connect covers all aspects of accreditation. With many new features already in the pipeline Connect stands to empower GPA’s business in a whole new light and stands to set new standards for how software is built for the medical world.

We at Anomaly are very proud of what we’ve built and can’t wait to see what it does for GPA and their customers. Connect is the result of years of collaboration between GPA and us and we’re excited for features that are yet to come.

The next time you’re at the doctors, see if you can spot GPA’s logo on their reception wall.

Learn more about GPA and what they do.

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