FireMate Mobile for iOS

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FireMate Software is an Australian software company specialising in management software for the fire protection industry. Portion of their offering is a mobile web client which compliments their Windows desktop office workhorse. The mobile client is a hybrid application that requires some native functionality. Originally available on Android the team at FireMate were keen to bring it to iOS.

The team approached us to assist build the iOS housing to allow their web client to access native iOS features. This is primarily made possible by the introduction of the WebKit API in iOS8. An unusual collaboration opportunity (complimenting another development team) for the team at Anomaly, a quick turn around saw us push the application on the App Store in the first quarter of this year.

WKWebView standards open doors for hybrid applications to live peacefully on iOS. NSHipster has a nice post if you are keen to find out more.

FireMate Mobile on iOS has allowed the company to extend their reach to all iOS devices. We are now collaborating with FireMate on their API and infrastructure redesign to enable their platform to scale on Microsoft Azure.

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