Expanding capabilities

, a 1-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

In the last twelve months we have been doubling down our efforts on transforming into a product business. In my review of the year 2016 I wrote about our interests in virtual and augmented reality. Gaming technologies have been of great interest to many that work at Anomaly.

Announcements like Apple’s ARKit2 hint serious potential in these emerging markets. We have traditionally focused our service offerings around scalable Web and iOS. To enable us to provide products and services in these new markets, we have been building substantial capability in Android, and Unity. A combination of these will allow us to deliver gaming and entertainment applications to several platforms.

Colleagues at Charles Sturt University have been running several research projects in augmented and virtual reality. They’ve often expressed their disappointment of not being able to hire a local studio to assist build applications in this space. Our expanded capabilities will allow Anomaly to provide service to researchers, educators, digital entertainment houses to build such applications locally around the Riverina.

Over the next couple of months we will be unveiling several projects we’ve been working on, in this space. We’re excited to step into new territory and welcome any opportunities to collaborate.

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