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About a decade ago, in the very early years of Anomaly, we were engaged by Coolamon and Temora shire councils to build them a cost effective solution for conducting business online. Focused on just selling certificate related to land parcels, CouncilShop was a purpose built workhorse. It was a one off engagement and as time passed the platform started to show it’s age, until a couple of years ago the discontinuation of the payment gateway broke the camel’s back.

Anomaly has a track record of delivering projects for Australian local government. We have been trusted by Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils for over a decade and have delivered several platform including Safe Sharps.

We were to either shut CouncilShop down or enter the market with a solution to not just sell certificates but a complete next generation Internet platform for local government. We decided on the later. Early last year we prototyped the proposed platform and Coolamon and Temora have been participating in a closed Beta since October 2017.

Today, Anomaly Software is proud to announce Wattle, a cloud platform with the mission to accelerate the digital transformation of Australian local government. Featuring a one for one modern replacement for the certificate shop, the release of platform lays the foundation for us to bring any local government service to the Internet. With a customer informed roadmap we aim to aggressively bring services online.

Wattle is deeply integrated with Stripe, a leading payment gateway and Mapbox, a mapping platform for developers, allowing us to build anything that our customers need. Focused on the council and their customers alike, Wattle aims to bring a unified experience to the general public across all councils and a robust workhorse for the council staff.

Affordable at flat annual fee covering all features, unlimited users and transactions, Wattle strives to be the back office of choice for local government.

The platform offers a no obligation 60 day trial inviting every council around country to experience the Wattle difference.

At Anomaly we believe in building software that empowers human endeavour. Wattle Cloud Platform is our investment into local government space in streamlining their work flow.

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