Announcing Archiver for Figma

, a 1-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Announcing Anomaly 2.0

In June 2019, Figma announced that support for third party plugins was around the corner. Anomaly has been collaborating with the team at Dip on a number of efforts, with Figma being our design platform of choice.

Ideas for plugins emerge all the time as we collaborate using Figma. So far we have been jotting them down as something we want to visit as we get time. We recently decided to actively put time aside and pursue a number of these concepts as side projects.

As a result we are proud to introduce our first plugin for the Figma universe. Based on Dip’s workflow habits of creating an Archive page to keep copies of old frames and content, we built Archiver - a plugin that does just that.

Select whatever you want to archive and Archiver will:

Coming soon:

Archiver is the first of the many ambitious plugins we have planned. We intend to keep the momentum going and publish various workflow enriching plugins and products this year.

You can install Archiver today for free and tell us what you think.

Finally, we encourage you to visit Dip to see the other great work they are doing.

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