Announcing Anomaly 2.0

, a 1-minute piece by Chris Sealey Chris Sealey

Announcing Anomaly 2.0

Treating a website as a piece of software involves constant iteration and Anomaly’s has been no exception.

As we prepared to release Twine, our first SaaS product, it was clear that version 1.x would not suffice and what started as a minor 1.4 release quickly became 2.0.

We threw everything away and started again. What you see is the first stage of an incremental rollout and a foundation for the next few years.

Notable changes are new high-level pages promoting core areas of interest; Products, Open Source and Ventures as well as better mobile navigation and a global search feature. Pro Tip™: hit ‘/’ on your keyboard.

There is also a new Company page briefly explaining the how and why, featuring video imagery by our friends at Black Hole Milk Bar. The full version with original score is available on Vimeo.

On the technical side, we dropped Jekyll build time from ~10 seconds to ~2 and started to integrate modern technologies like Flexbox layout and SVG graphics.

We hope you enjoy the initial release and look forward to building upon it from here.

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