A healthier workplace

, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Anomaly boasts of a relaxed and healthy workplace. The nature of our work on the contrary is rather sedentary. While there are habits that can be cultivated at workplaces to promote a more active lifestyle, we believe businesses should invest in their employee’s wellbeing.

Starting March 2018 (allowing our operations a month to get organised) we will be making active investments in our employee’s physical and mental health .

Each employee will receive a financial contribution towards a membership at a fitness outfit and an annual contribution towards activewear. More importantly, we will allow everyone to take 30 minutes off work days, three day a week and spend that time, exercising. This can be an extended lunch, an early mark, or a late start.

Social media streams are forever reinforcing our information bias. Most of us so engrossed in what we are working on that we forget to step back and spend time learning about subjects other than software engineering.

Anomaly is building a library, we will invest in a wide array of beautifully written and published books on subjects mostly other than computer science. Each employee will be allowed 15 minutes a day of work time to read any book of their choice. Combine this with when you make a cuppa and allow yourself to walk away from a screen. Everyone is encouraged to read about topics that you typically wouldn’t choose. Suggestions for new titles and topics are welcome.

Everyone always comes across great content on the Web. They range from an inspiring talk on TED, a presentation at a conference, or course on Udemy. Employees are encouraged to curate these on a dedicated Slack channel, vote on one for viewing at the lounge area on Fridays.

We believe that making these small changes at work will ensure better physical and mental health of all our employees. Anomaly considers this an investment in what is it’s great asset, employees and hopes to encourage other business in the region.

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