The CSS Workshop

, a 2-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Anomaly is small close knit team of designers and developers. We've always approached solving problems by gaining deep understanding of the technologies we work with. We leverage platforms like Amazon AWS to deliver what we build and hone in on what we are good at, building software.

Users experience these complex systems through interfaces and a large portion of them are now delivered via web browsers. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have a come a very long way since their introduction in 1996 and had been a mysterious subject for a long time. It appears illogical and, that is purely from misunderstanding how it behaves.

Lately I have taken design completely under my wing and applying my computer science approach it was imperative that I understood CSS before I assessed the work of designers. Using CSS frameworks to me has always resonated of not wanting to understand how browsers behave.

Having hunted through many a resources on the web I found Rachel Andrew's The CSS Workshop. Amongst a vast body of work, Rachel maintains a number of great resources, Grid By Example is one of them, pushing the adoption of CSS Grid.

Concise videos with nicely written tutorials allowed me to understand CSS layout within a week. The courses focuses on the fundamental question of how browsers interpret CSS. I am a big fan of clean markup and building on what a browser can do, not fighting it.

I highly recommend The CSS Workshop to anyone who is wanting to understand CSS.

And to Rachel, thank you for writing the workshop and making it available.

Networking with Ubiquiti

, a 1-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Over the past few weeks we have been commissioning Ubiquiti's networking gear here at Anomaly. I began exploring the Ubiquiti gear after reading Troy Hunt's blog post on fixing his dodgy WiFi. Ubiquiti has a massive array of products and it's every bit as cool as described in Troy's article.

We started by deploying a UniFi Power over Ethernet switch, with UniFi AC PRO Access Points and swiftly moved onto replacing our router with a UniFi Security Gateway Pro. Deployment is super simple thanks to their network management software.

Unlike their competitors Ubiquiti offer a hybrid cloud management solution via the UniFi Cloud Key which does not come with an ongoing licensing price tag. All of this is complimented by apps on mobile platforms.

We've happily been running our network on their gear and highly recommend considering their products for work or home networking needs.

An Unofficial iOS App for F45 LionHeart

, a 6-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Announcing LionHeart Unofficial App

Wagga got a F45 Training franchise in April this year, it's conveniently a block across from Anomaly HQ. I decided to join the local branch in effort to streamline my efforts towards fitness. I react rather well to organised fitness regimes like personal training and saw this to be a happy medium.

F45's use of technology is rather impressive, video demonstrations, full synchronised sessions with informed trainers and the ability to book your sessions via their customised Mindbody platform presents a truly modern fitness studio experience. Add to that their LionHeart system and you are collecting vital readings while you work out.

F45 say get the magic forty five points and you've got the most out of your workout. It's brilliant, it adds an element of motivation and competition which represents their ethos of training together. At present all you get from the LionHeart system is an email with a graph and some basic numbers from your session and a portal that shows your history.

The recent burst in fitness wearables has had us thinking on what we could do with these developments. Apple Watch for example pushes data into the Apple Health ecosystem. To see what we could do with LionHeart's data and Apple devices I commissioned an unofficial iOS fan app. The result turned out to be so useful that we decided to publish it.

Declaration & Privacy Information

App Features

The premise of the LionHeart client is a visualisation app for your workout data. Features are limited by the data exposed by the service.

Leaderboard: You're greeted by a leader board of all the workouts you have done across every F45 studio. The graph's scale is set to 45 (what you should aim for) and markers to support the hour long sessions.

A ring progress meter animates celebrate the progress of your last workout, complimented with total workouts, average calories and your top F45 LionHeart score.

History: presents a calendar decorated with markers denoting number of workouts on that day, touching the date will reveal details of the workout and how hard you worked during the session.

Workout Browser: F45 offers a number of different programs, the workout view summarises the different programs you have tried across studios, touch through to get a summary of workouts of that type grouped by month and year. You can access the same visualisation as the history view for each one of those workouts.

Today Widget: The app also provides an extension, this can be added to your device's today view. It presents you with a summary of your last F45 workout. Swipe right over the Home screen, Lock screen, or Notification Centre to access it. Here's a Apple's guide on configuring the today view. If your device supports 3D touch, simply press and hold the app icon to access your information about your last workout.

Coming Soon to Apple Watch

We're already working on an Apple Watch extension that will allow you to browse your F45 LionHeart statistics on an Apple Watch paired with your phone.

Apple Watch provides a nice array of user interface elements revolving around fitness and we can't wait to show what we come up with.

Universal app over HealthKit Integration

One of the big things we wanted to do was integrate the data into the Apple Health ecosystem. As it stands in iOS10 the Health app (or the ecosystem) isn't available on the iPad. We had to weigh up between HealthKit integration or availability on the iPad.

iOS11 hints at Health being available on the iPad and hence for our initial release support for iPad won out over HealthKit.

The moment HealthKit support hits iPad we will be able to push all your historical data to HealthKit, all you will have to do is download our iOS11 update.


It's difficult to reliably outline a roadmap for an unofficial product. What we can do with the app is largely dependant on what F45 do with their systems and server side implementation.

We would love to explore social features like sharing data with your friends or running leader board competitions which compliment's F45's challenge weeks. We will continue to work at the app so all F45 members and fans can get more out of the knowledge collected during these intense workouts.

If you are an F45 member and an iOS user do get a copy and spread the word. We always like to hear what you think so feel free to say hello or Tweet at us.

Enjoy visualising all the hard work your have put into your F45 sessions.