Playing for Good

, a 4-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Late last year we announced our foray into the gaming space with our first title Monstapals.

Aimed at preschoolers, Monstapals is designed to educate the player about Australian animals and permutations. A little bit of quirky fun, it puts a smile on the user’s face as they combine various Australian animals to create creatures called Monstapals.

We have received some amazing feedback from users all around the world, many of whom have taken the time to write wonderful reviews on the store. Our intention has always been to extend the concept to other parts of the world and create similar engaging experiences for animals from Africa, Americas, Asia, etc. as well bring the titles to tvOS, watchOS and iMessage.

Over the past six months we have been thinking hard about how Monstapals can further reach children other than just being available on the various digital stores.

Today we are proud to announce our Playing for Good initiative. Starting with Monstapals, all of our apps aimed towards children will have a major focus on charitable outcomes. The charities we will partner with will work closely with children in care, education and medicine.

We are making a long term commitment towards our charitable efforts. Whilst we are working on the finer details of official partnerships, we couldn’t wait to share how Playing for Good works.

Free for On Ground Use

Firstly we will commit to providing unlimited copies of our apps to our partner organisations for use in their physical facilities or officials in the field. These would be places such as hospitals, care centres and educational institutions.

Our intention is to provide quality content that is verified as suitable for children. The content is both educational and entertaining for the children. We will commit to creating these quality titles to assist the people doing such incredible work with children.

20% of Proceeds goes to Charity

Next we will donate 20% of the proceeds (not profits) from all digital store sales to charities nominated by us that have the most impact on the lives of children.

This will apply to all titles present and future that we publish on the various stores.

We are working towards official partnerships with organisations that have high impact. As these details become clearer we will announce them on our official channels. We also encourage our customers to make suggestions on who you would like us to work with.

Transparency and Accountability

All of our financials will be validated by an independent licensed financial professional. We will publish our earnings and proof of our donations to the charities every quarter.

It’s only fair that if we are asking for your help that you have the information to be reassured that your purchase is making a difference.

An Endless Cycle

So what happens with the rest of our earnings? Well, we will reinvest it into building more titles for children which in turn will become part of the charitable cycle.

As we grow the ecosystem of our apps we intend to increase our in kind and monetary contributions to charitable organisations.

Along the way we want to encourage other companies working in this space to help organisations by providing high impact and much needed services. To everyone who bought our products, a big thank you for helping us help them. And to everyone else out there buy a copy, spread the word and let’s help these organisations to continue to do their good work.

If you haven’t already please buy a copy of Monstapals and let’s get the ball rolling. We’d also appreciate everyone’s assistance in spreading the word so we can all get #PlayingForGood

Announcing Monstapals

Monstapals comes to the Mac

, a 1-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

Announcing Monstapals

Back in July last year we announced our first title for pre-schoolers, aimed to reach children about Australian animals and permutations. Built using Unity 3D we were able to ship this wonderful title to iOS and Android. Best experienced on an iPad we thought it would be wonderful to bring it back to the Mac.

Today, we are delighted to announce that Monstapals is now available on the Mac via the AppStore. Unity 3D makes targeting multiple platforms a breeze. Our team continues to enjoy working in this space.

We are working on several cool updates to the Monstapals world, so stayed tuned to see what we come up with next. 🙃

Made with Unity

2018 the year in review

, a 9-minute piece by Dev Mukherjee Dev Mukherjee

I usually get this done before the year folds, but with the disruptions that 2018 threw at us I decided to walk away for a bit, reflect, and then write down my thoughts.

2017 was a brutal year for us as we had to make the difficult decision to pause the launch of our flagship product.

2018 also threw another major disruption, this time with the loss of a major customer who decided to part ways after a longstanding relationship.

Anomaly has been focused on transforming into a product business for some time now, in addition to servicing a small group of strong clients. This unexpected detour led us to focus heavily on business development.

The last eighteen months has taught us the importance of cross pollination of skills and ideas, as well as the unprecedented need for documentation and testing. I am proud to say that we achieved all of these in 2018, making us a stronger team that’s focused on product.

A stable team

The year began by seeing Peter Tri Ho join our team. Peter reached out to us following our post on Whirlpool and decided become part of the Anomaly team.

While Brad Mclain was building capacity in delivering projects on Unity 3D, Brendon Lees and myself spent a fair amount of our time skilling up on frontend design and technologies.

Peter’s efforts added to us being able to pick up the pieces and deliver a myriad of projects.

Anneke Gehrmann has been instrumental in ensuring that our business was running as smoothly as possible despite several major disruptions. Anneke also led a massive marketing effort for Wattle, which would not have been possible without the helping hand from her offsider Tara Hulme.


You might have been following our efforts on building capacity in Unity 3D.

We are mighty proud of having delivered our first game for children that aims to teach them about Australian animals.

The very cool Monstapals has been out there on the AppStore and Google Play for at least half the year.

Over this period we have shipped a number of updates for Halloween, Christmas and just general additions to assets and content. We’re also making the cut scene that’s available in game on Youtube, so you can enjoy it over and over.

We would like to thank everyone who has purchased a copy of the game, which goes towards supporting the development of such products. We intend to make gaming a core part of our service offering moving ahead.

Safe Sharps relaunch

Safe Sharps was one of our foundation projects. Built in the early days of Google Maps being available to developers, this is the fourth major revision of the product.

Funded and managed by Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils, Safe Sharps crowd sources locations for sharps disposal and other services. It offers an iOS, Android and Web interface for sharps users to anonymously query locations.

This release focused on sharpening the Web experience, completely rebooting the Android app and laying the foundations to bring Safe Sharps to the Apple Watch.

We are pleased to have a project run for over a decade, and it is a testimony to REROC’s commitment to the community.

Apple Watch support will be available early February.

Hello Sydney

We are pleased to announce that we now have a presence at Martin Place in Sydney CBD.

To date we have always been headquartered in regional NSW. As we are now expanding into a variety of products, we felt the need to establish a metropolitan presence and make us much more accessible to our clients.

Further to this change we will be streamlining our chain of communication so that our customers can get the most efficient customer support.

CourseSpace 3.0

Charles Sturt University has a one of a kind platform for designing courses. It’s an embodiment of their course design process that they have worked on over a number of years.

2018 saw us take CourseSpace to a whole new level by integrating several core CSU concepts into the system.

Graduate Learning Outcomes specifies the characteristics of CSU graduates. These are in line with the criteria of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Amongst several other features, we built GLOs right into CourseSpace allowing course design teams to track and record evidence of courses meeting this requirement.

The conversation continues with Charles Sturt University in 2019 to bring more innovative features to CourseSpace. We are across the realms of data analytics, machine learning to empower course design teams and give CSU the competitive edge.

Wattle launch

Announced in May 2018 we launched Wattle, a cloud platform for local government. Built in collaboration with Coolamon and Temora shire councils, Wattle aims to supercharge council customer service.

The big players currently in this space have products that are far from satisfactory and are often cost prohibitive for smaller organisations. Our aim is to bridge this gap by providing a product that aligns with these council’s budget and organisational needs.

Wattle is proud to be a Stripe verified partner, giving us the backing we need to provide our customer a platform they can trust. Since its launch, we have had conversations with several other councils around the region and are building a series of new features that will be unveiled in 2019.

Implementation partners

Organisational change is one of the biggest hurdles in shipping a product like Wattle as software in this space has a particularly bad reputation. Whilst Wattle is designed to solve workflow problems, many of our potential customers see it as disrupting their workflow.

To minimise the disruption and ease organisations into the digital space we have been partnering with ABMG a change management consultancy, National Audits Group a specialised audit firm and Veritech a systems integrator and infrastructure support company.

All three firms have a track record of working with councils. We look forward to continue working with them to provide a stellar service to our customers.

LG NSW Annual Conference

We were delighted to be able to sponsor LG NSW’s Annual Conference and be able to show off the capability of our product to potential customers.

The conference was a great networking opportunity for us and it gave us a much better understanding of the local government space. There’s nothing like being able to speak to the customer directly and understand exactly what they need.

Since the event we have been reaching out to potential customers in Victoria and having conversations with councils in our surrounding area.


Applying for grants isn’t something that’s usually on our radar. However, late last year we were encouraged to apply for the Building Partnerships managed by Jobs4NSW.

We put forward our proposal to expand Wattle and were invited to present at Jobs4NSW in November. We sadly weren’t selected for a grant but consider it to be a fruitful experience.


We’re excited to be technology partners for an upcoming marketplace. Uvuba (which means fishing with net in the Shimwali language) is setting out to shake up things in many industries by putting the customer at the centre.

We are unable to disclose too much more at this stage but recommend you putting your hand up on their mailing list to find out about what they do.

Changing of guards

Anomaly has championed building single page web applications powered by REST APIs for several years. When we started Google Closure was the only robust framework for building such applications. We built Prestans our micro framework for REST APIs. The two together have served us well and have let us build several large web applications for our customers.

Late last year as we started work on Uvuba, we surveyed the array of technologies available to see if Closure was still the right fit.

Post our research we decided to move to React. It’s a major decision for us, but one we believe is for the better. Prestans remains a core part of our stack, and we intend to keep investing in building newer versions of the framework.


Despite our challenges during 2018, we have delivered a number of projects for our clients and made a solid move forward to becoming a product focused business.

Anomaly has a very a solid team that’s focused towards achieving the same goal. We have set ourselves some very exciting and strict goals for 2019 and intend to achieve them.

Wishing a very happy new year to everyone.